vendredi 11 juillet 2008

MSIT SharePoint Reporting Framework - CODEPLEX

MSIT SharePoint Reporting Framework V2.1.0 contains many fixes and improvements from its early 1.0 version used internally at MSIT.

It is not recommended or supported to do direct queries against production databases.

These queries should not be performed against production environments or environments sensitive to query performance. In these environments you could consider running this on a copy in a non production environment.Since the release of MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0 to the world there has been a gap in operational level metrics and global service metrics.

At MSIT we decided to fill that gap with what we call the MSIT Sharepoint Reporting Framework. Since beta 2 we have been building and tuning scripts that we use internally to gather various metrics. Information is definently power, with these numbers it gives you the ability to really keep your finger on the pulse of your SharePoint infrastructure.

Created smart installation wrapper around SQL setup code
Multi Farm Support
Multi Version Support WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 RTM +
Fixed an issue with cbq4proc that was slowing down results dramatically
Centralized repository for data collected.
Standardized procs for better data aggregation

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