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Full SharePoint backup with Powershell script - Codeplex

This script backs up everything you need for a full restore of your Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) or Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS).
Sites, 12-hive and IIS Metadata is compressed and saved on a userdefined central location. The XML configuration file contains the settings of one or more sitecollection backups with different backup/reporting parameters for each job.

WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007
Windows Powershell 1.0
Diskspace on local drive or network location.

#Make a directory for the files (e.g. C:\SPBackup) and copy the SPBackup.ps1 and SPBackup.xml files there
#Edit the XML configuration file with your environment parameters
#Configure the signing of your script for Windows Powershell to allow your script to run (see this article)
#Test-run the script from Windows Powershell with: C:\SPBackup\SPbackup.ps1 C:\SPBackup\SPBackup.xml
#Schedule the script in Windows Scheduled Tasks
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