mardi 12 août 2008

Installing a Language Pack for MOSS

The multi-lingual capabilities in MOSS are very cool. You can create sites in non-English languages simply by installing the appropriate language pack. This is especially slick when you are using variations (will cover this in another post). Note, the installation process is not very intuitive so I’ll provide details below.

1. Download the appropriate files.
a. For MOSS, you will need the MOSS and WSS files
b. Remember there are specific 64bit versions
c. On each of the download pages, change the language in the selector to the language pack you want
d. Here are your download links
i. WSS Language pack
ii. WSS Language pack SP1
iii. MOSS Language pack
iv. MOSS Language pack SP1

2. Install the files
a. The install wizard will be in the language of the language pack… so know how to say ‘Next’ in that language!... or practice on the English version
b. Follow these steps
i. Install WSS Language Pack (don’t run the MOSS Configuration Wizard)
ii. Install MOSS Language Pack (don’t run the MOSS Configuration Wizard)
iii. Install WSS Language Pack SP1 (don’t run the MOSS Configuration Wizard)
iv. Install MOSS Language Pack SP1
v. Run the MOSS Configuration Wizard (choose to not disconnect from farm)
3. Test
a. Create a new site; you should see a drop down for Language which includes your newly installed language
b. Go to the new site and learn how to say ‘Site Actions, ‘Edit Page’ in a foreign language! by

by Mauro Cardarelli
Pierre Erol GIRAUDY
Président du Club MOSS 2007 et MUG.
Vice-Président Club UGO2007

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