samedi 18 octobre 2008

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The increasing adoption of SharePoint as an intuitive collaboration platform for users has spread various business data over multiple sites and lists. At the same time, this has created the need to report and aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and lists to further increase the business value of this data.

Enesys RS Data Extension provides a solution to this demand by extending "Reporting Services" (Microsoft reporting's platform) and lets you report over data stored in SharePoint's lists.

Enesys RS Data Extension lets you query (retrieve, join, merge,...) data from any SharePoint list and use the result for building "Reporting Services" reports as you would do with any other data sources.

Besides making it possible to provide live reports to users, Enesys RS Data Extension is also the perfect solution for solving business problems, by integrating and computing data from multiple lists, that would otherwise needs the development of custom applications.
Enesys - Home

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