mardi 11 novembre 2008

External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint

Organizations need tools to simplify the process of collaborating with people outside their firewall. Currently, many such organizations collaborate using methods that are not efficient or secure, such as unencrypted e-mail and instant messaging. The External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint includes software and guidance to quickly and easily deploy a collaboration environment based on SharePoint Products and Technologies that you can use to collaborate with partners across the Internet. This solution accelerator, which is primarily targeted at mid-sized and smaller organizations, lets project teams manage their own collaboration sites and invite external users to share documents that are centrally located on a SharePoint site inside the firewall. Internal users access the collaboration site through an internal URL and are authenticated against the organization’s Active Directory® domain, whereas external user access the site through the Internet, log on using a form, and are authenticated against a separate Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) directory that contains only external users.Solution features include a setup wizard to automate the setup process, Web Parts to automate the process of provisioning new site collections and new users, form-based logon for external users, and automated password reset functionality. You can download the following components:
Choosing an External Collaboration Solution. This document examines various external collaboration scenarios and provides recommendations for addressing them using Microsoft technologies.External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint. This software and documentation helps administrators quickly deploy a SharePoint-based solution for collaborating across the Internet. The documentation includes Planning for External Collaboration with SharePoint, which describes the planning process for deploying the solution in a small or mid-sized environment, and the Deployment and Operations Guide, which explains how to install and configure the solution, provides guidance for users, and describes how to deploy the solution in larger environments.Informational Materials. These include supplementary materials that explain how the guidance and tools in this Solution Accelerator can benefit your organization.
Download details: External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint

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