vendredi 23 janvier 2009

ShareVis Video Demonstration

ShareVis provides an efficient, reliable, and cost effective means to create and enforce virtually any type of role-based business process without software coding or consultants.
ShareVis’ context sensitive SharePoint solutions provide out-of-the-box Document Control and Forms-Based Business Process Management. Built from the ground up for the Microsoft SharePoint environment, ShareVis integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint, enabling companies to implement and enforce their processes. ShareVis solutions add value to the base SharePoint product without changing the use model or nature of the underlying environment.
ShareVis Solutions Provide:
Packaged functionality that extends SharePoint with industrial-strength workflow and document life-cycle control immediately out-of-the-box.
Enables companies to implement and enforce their processes without changing the use model or the nature of their SharePoint environment.
Provides a process-based integration platform that ties together systems makingdisparate information readily available in SharePoint.
ShareVis Video Demonstration

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