mardi 3 février 2009

SharePoint Diagnostics Tool (SPDiag)

Brief Description : The SharePoint Diagnostic tool (SPDiag) version 1.0 was created to simplify and standardize troubleshooting of SharePoint Products and Technologies, and to provide a unified view of collected data.
Download details: SharePoint Diagnostics Tool (SPDiag)


You can also use Live Capture to collect data in real time by creating and running a data collector set on a target server in the farm. This is useful when you want to observe the results of real time events on farm performance. For example, you could start a Live Capture session and then manually start a backup job on the farm to observe the results. See the "Collecting performance counter data using Live Capture" section later in this article for more information.
Before you begin selecting data for collection, you should carefully consider what data points are needed to troubleshoot effectively, and avoid collecting data that is not useful.

SPDiag uses a SQL Server database as the repository for collected data. Each logical project is stored in a single database that can contain up to seven days of data. SPDiag can collect performance data from IIS logs and performance counters on the farm servers, and can also collect live data from the servers using data collector sets you configure in Live Capture.

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