samedi 28 mars 2009

Microsoft SharePoint - Free User Clustering Web Part by AvePoint


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Video demonstration of the User Clustering Web Part
View a short video demonstration of the User Clustering Web Part

As SharePoint deployments grow, the number of users increases exponentially, and SharePoint along with its permissions and securities, becomes more and more difficult to monitor. As user adoption of SharePoint increases, understanding of the implicit user relationships, along with permissions and securities configurations, becomes quite complex. The DocAve SharePoint User Clustering Web Part provides an easy-to-use centralized interface to receive vital information about your SharePoint users and groups.
User and group clusters are graphically displayed in the SharePoint web part, and users or groups with the most relevant permissions are listed with options to add users as colleagues.
Free and simple to install, both Administrators and end-users can obtain greater insight and intelligence on user and group permissions in SharePoint, ensuring more effective collaboration, and proper permissions management.

Key Advantages of the ‘Users With Similar Permissions’ Web Part:
Total Awareness of Vital SharePoint Permissions

SharePoint User Clustering Web Part on DocAve

Flexible options and plan configurations for defining clustering rules lets administrators identify and analyze end-users based on permissions rights via a graphical topology display that groups user-sets by both discrete authority and permissions parity. With DocAve’s User-Clustering Web Part, end-users have a better understanding of users that have similar permissions.
Intelligently Group SharePoint Users According to Permissions
This powerful new web part provides key insight on user permissions with a real-time, graphical display of permission clusters. Easily visualize and monitor your SharePoint users and their permissions. Locate other users with permissions that most closely match your own.
Accelerate Adoption of SharePoint as a Social Networking Platform
Discover and rank similar or relevant users, and add them as colleagues, increasing the speed and quality of collaborative activity.
Assess the Impacts of Permissions Modifications
Easily assess the impact of making permissions configuration changes. Similar users or groups may require similar permissions and security updates. The DocAve User-Clustering Web Part provides customers with the visibility to ensure that groups or sets of users have the proper rights to the content they require for optimal productivity.
Download Now: Free User Clustering Web Part for SharePoint 2007
The SharePoint Discovery Tool and User Clustering Web Part are available free without limitations and will not expire. All other DocAve modules are enabled for a 30 day trial.

Microsoft SharePoint - Free User Clustering Web Part by AvePoint

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