dimanche 8 mars 2009

Powershell “CmdLet” and SharePoint

Recently I have been building a new Virtual Machine for some demonstrations I am doing. Normally I use a base VM, but for this one I thought I would build a new 64 bit Windows Server 2008 with everything on. However as I am building it I realised all the extra bits that I need to, such as creation of Active Directory Users. After realising how much needed to be done I thought it would be useful to script these processes using Powershell so I could use them again and again. So to start I installed my VM and installed the Quest Active Directory Powershell add-ons to do all the active directory stuff. I then decided instead of manually running the quest commands I wanted to make a spreadsheet of the details I wanted to fill in such as email address etc.

(The names are made up)

The above shows some of the fields that I wanted filled in for each user that needs to be created in the Active Directory. I used ADSI Edit to figure out the actual internal names of the fields:

Powershell “CmdLet” and SharePoint

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