jeudi 26 mars 2009

What's Your - EQ?


MediaRich® Hot Folder provides the power of the MediaRich CORE in a simple, drag and drop, low cost deployment. It is fault tolerant, so you can process massive jobs overnight with no worries.

MediaRich Hot Folder contains a dynamic Hot Folder system powered with MediaScript flexibility:

  • Create MediaRich scripts to perform an almost infinite number of processes (crop, colorize, composite, convert, optimize, etc.)
  • Drop, batch process and deliver from any mounted folder
  • Parallelize for first in first out, reserve threads for tasks, priority thread management by Hot Folder
  • Batch monitoring
  • Includes dozens of MediaScripts for instant usability
  • Automatically generate thumbnails
  • Automatically generate superpaletted gif animations with intelligent scene detection
  • Automatically transcode videos in parallel to as many formats as needed
  • Automatically insert pre-rolls and post-rolls
  • Automatically composite bugs and bumpers
  • Automatically create clips of any length and size
  • Expand with any Quicktime codec
  • Ingest from native .mxf, .m2t, .mpeg2, .mpeg, .mpg2 (both SD and HD), any Windows Media, any QuickTime movie, any .flv, .3g and more
  • Expands to integration and massive scalability from within CMS, Web infrastructure or DAM integration with the full Media Server option
View the over 300 supported image and video file formats.  

Available for Mac and Windows Servers.

What's Your EQ?

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