mercredi 5 mai 2010

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration Vendor Selection

  SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration Vendor Selection

The upgrade and migration space seems like it’s getting crowded.  How does one navigate this space?  First let me say that despite what I say, it will appear I’m biased due to my affiliation with Quest software as a paid employee, no I don’t have a quota or get paid any extra for this post.  If anything there’s more risk than reward for a post like this.  In the past when I’m asked specific requirements I try to push the vendor with the best solution.  Here I will list the various Upgrade and Migration vendors.  Many will be releasing their solutions RTM +60 including many making their announcements in June 2010 for their 2010 Solutions.  I highly encourage you to eLOGO_SharePoint2010xplore their solutions with them.  Special thanks to Owen Allen, Inna Gordin, and a great post by Deepak Bhat “10 Content Migration Tools to SharePoint Platform” which inspired me to not just include the traditional SharePoint vendors, but others that aren’t so traditional and dig even deeper for new ones.  I hope you don’t get lost in this list.  I hope you find the sorting by the source to be useful.

New SharePoint 2010 Migration Tools!

Metalogix SharePoint Site Migration Manager 2010

Quest Software Migration Manager (2003 to 2010 Tech Preview)

Tzunami Deployer for SharePoint 2010 migration

MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint

Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migration Tool

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration Vendor Selection - SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land

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