lundi 23 août 2010

Workflow Conductor | Bamboo Solutions

Process Made Simple.

Workflow Conductor is an easy-to-use, high powered workflow solution designed to help you automate everyday business processes in minutes. With Workflow Conductor, SharePoint is transformed from a mere collaboration environment to a flexible process management solution capable of streamlining nearly every aspect of your day to day operations ... for a whole lot less than you'd expect.

Easy to Build, Quick to Deploy

Workflow Conductor's Studio and administration tools make building and managing new workflows so easy, you'll find yourself creating automated processes for just about everything.

  • Create workflows without code or developers
  • Simply drag and drop action-based widgets to create workflows
  • Build templates to simplify workflow design
  • Access & update everything from external data to SharePoint lists
  • Create variables, compare values... even trigger another workflow
  • Design and edit directly from SharePoint

Built on the Future of Workflow

Workflow Conductor is based on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), the underlying workflow architecture used by Microsoft's .NET platform. As a fully WF powered solution, Workflow Conductor creates processes that integrate seamlessly with not only SharePoint, but all of Microsoft Office -- and as Microsoft adds powerful new capabilities to WF, Conductor will evolve along right along with it.

Get started right away by downloading a 30-day free trial from our online store. It's quick, easy, and absolutely risk-free.

Workflow Conductor | Bamboo Solutions

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