dimanche 9 février 2014

SharePoint Customer Auditing Process

SharePoint Customer Auditing Process

Auditing SharePoint is one of the indispensable processes before deploying new solutions on the existing farm since SharePoint is going to be more critical to the corporate business. There are many reasons why auditing before SharePoint deployments is really important:

  • dentifying things are properly configured in SharePoint farm
  • Identifying the impaction of hardware and software on SharePoint performance
  • Measuring security in several different aspects
  • Infrastructure involved to operate SharePoint
  • Customization maintenance

The wheel describes several parts you need to look at when conducting a SharePoint audit. This whitepaper has been written by 5 SharePoint MVP.
  • Gokan Ozcifci - SharePoint MVP
  • Benoit Jester - SharePoint MVP
  • Pierre Erol - SharePoint MVP
  • Nabil Babaci - SharePoint MVP
  • Thuan Nguyen - SharePoint MVP

Pierre Erol GIRAUDY
Président du Club UGSF


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